Free Products From Amazon?

Yes, it is true, you really can get free products from Amazon…  things such as anti aging serums, weight loss products, exercise equipment, baby products, eyeglass cases, electronic items, silicone baking mats… just to name a few items.

How? By agreeing to do honest reviews for companies that are introducing new products on Amazon, companies that are looking for exposure.  How do they get more exposure by you doing a review?  Well, Amazon’s ranking formula takes positive reviews as well as daily sales into consideration when deciding in what order to display competing products when people search on Amazon for something.  Good reviews tends to push the item up in the rankings, which helps more people see the product which helps to generate more sales, which then generates more reviews, etc…

It is just like priming a pump… and of great benefit to the companies giving away the product… as long as you follow up and really give a good honest review.  If you don’t like the product that is okay too, but the service just asks that if you have constructive feedback that you contact the company to tell them directly.  But, you still get the product for free.

Although these offers are not available for all Amazon Products, there are new products that are introduced almost daily that you can get for FREE by helping out these companies.

AND NO WE ARE NOT KIDDING… THESE PRODUCTS ARE 100% FREE… except for the honest review you agree to do.

For some you even get free shipping, but not all, so check the individual product details. If you are an Amazon Prime member of course all your shipping is free so that would take care of any question on the matter.

So, how do you find these products… Simple…

Just go to

They have a video that explains everything.    Two requirements though.  You must be located in the U.S. and you must have an Amazon account. How’s that for a deal?  If you appreciated this deal post, please share it on one of the social networks below.  Thanks!

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